How to add a Shopify theme

January 20, 2018
Quick Tips

Welcome to the first article in our “Quick Tips” series, These articles will be a departure from our normal long form content. Instead, our “quick tips” will guide you through all important steps in 500 words or less.

Today, we’re going to add a theme to our brand new Shopify store. Without a published theme, your store will look like this to visitors.

To get started, head over to your Shopify dashboard, and click on “Online Store”. Then scroll down and click on “Explore free themes”. You now have a number of excellent free templates to choose from. You can find the best paid Shopify templates here.

Pick your favourite and add it. Once the theme is added successfully, navigate to the bottom again and click on “Actions”. Now press publish and you’re all set.

Chris Grundy

Chris is the co-founder of Product Percy and a lifelong Shopify enthusiast. Follow him on Twitter or connect via LinkedIn

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